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Clinical Trials

“The opportunity to be better”

Clinical trials are an important part of the continual search for better health. We all want to live longer and healthier lives.

Medication development trials help researchers find improved methods to treat and prevent diseases. Testing new types of medicines and treatments teaches us how well they work, their safety, and in some cases how they compare to treatments already in use for other illnesses.


All clinical trials have rules and regulations called a protocol. Following the protocol insures the safety of patients as well as the accuracy of the results. Pharmaceutical research scientists develop study protocols and conduct studies with the assistance of clinical study sites like Options Health Research.

Reasons to consider participating in a clinical trial

  • Access to new treatment options
  • Opportunity to participate in research that may benefit others
  • In depth care for a medical condition
  • Obtain high quality medical care
  • Actively research and participate in your own healthcare
  • Treatment under the study protocol is generally at no cost to the patient

Options Health Research is a clinical research company founded by four partners to provide patients and pharmaceutical development scientists a high quality site to conduct clinical trials.

Our Values and Mission


The hope that life can be better. There is hope for chronic disease through continued research and discovery.


The chance to do something constructive. Sometimes a difficult problem is the challenge that presents new ideas for solutions.


Doing the best that is possible with all of your resources. Teamwork and individual initiative are a winning combination.


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